Typically, hotel operators collect the tax from guests and receive a small administrative fee of one or two percent of collections.
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Hotel Occupancy Tax Report

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Hotel Occupancy Tax Report

All revenues resulting from the imposition of the tax under this article shall be paid into the treasury of the County and shall be credited and deposited in the general fund of the County. The state collects most city, county, and state taxes. What are win and loss posts? Information about public facilities projects in the City.

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Free roomsprovided to vendors, such as musicians, photographers, contractors and other specified vendors who provide services to the hotel are subject to tax at the normal cost of the room. How do I add or edit damage protection on my listing? Booking gives travelers the fastest and easiest way to book your property.

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Every person owning, operating, managing or controlling any Short Term Rental shall collect the tax imposed, and report Hotel Occupancy Tax monthly even if there are no Taxable Room Receipts. You are currently viewing Property Manager Help. Exemptions are granted for the state government, federal government, campsites, schools, and medical facilities.

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There are common exclusions from city and county taxes for small operators, usually defined by the number of rooms or units.

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If room charges are paid for by a government employee, TOT is applied to the room charge even if the employee is later reimbursed for such charges by the federal government or a federal agency. Every person owning, operating, managing, or controlling any hotel or collecting payment for occupancy in any hotel shall collect the Hotel Occupancy Tax from their guests for the City of Allen. Lodging is subject to state and county sales tax, plus additional city tourism or lodging taxes, if applicable. Operators are required to pay either city or county room tax, depending on location.

Lodging tax policy

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