Treatment Programs : FAQ

FAQ Treatment Programs
  • Can I get my incarcerated family member transferred to another facility?
    No, we are unable to make transfers to other facilities. However, if you are able to bond him/her out, we will assist with any placement. If a Judge has court ordered him/her to treatment, the Judge is responsible for placement. Please contact the Judge’s office for further information.
  • Contact Information

    Treatment Manager, Marie Collins, LPC, LMFT, LAC – (337) 236-3937, [email protected]

    Mental Health and Substance Abuse at LPCC, Amber Hebert, LCSW, LPCC Site Supervisor – (337) 236-5475 or 236-5664, [email protected]

    Mental Health at Community Corrections Campus, Billie Sue Wallis, LCSW - (337) 231-6365, [email protected]

    REHAB Lacie Dunn, Rehab Supervisor – (337) 231-6365, [email protected]

    Day Reporting IOP, Jennifer Cart, CAC, Supervior - (337) 231-6365, [email protected]

    Juvenile Services, Nedra Green, Supervior - (337) 231-6365 ext.4240, [email protected]


    Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) states that Protected Health Information (PHI) is any information about health status, provision of health care, or payment for health care that can be linked to an individual. This includes any part of a patient’s medical, mental, or substance abuse record. HIPAA limits the release of information. Therefore, PHI can only be given to those individuals that have the patient's written consent. It is public record that an individual is housed at LPCC, however, the services they receive are private. LPSO can request that the individual sign a Release of Confidential Information, but he or she may refuse. Their current condition can be given to you only with the individual's permission.

  • How do I notify LPCC to have my family member evaluated?
    Contact the Mental Health Department (see contact information) with any information regarding the nature of the problem and they will evaluate your family member.
  • My family member is on medication. How do I get it to them?
    Simply bring the medications (in their bottles) to the jail and they will be given to the medical staff. Please note: all medications are subject to review by LPCC Physicians.
  • What is Mailing Address for Resident Commissary? (money orders)
    LPSO Attention: Commissary (Resident’s name and arrest number) P.O. Box 3508 Lafayette, LA 70502
  • What is REHAB Mailing Address for Resident Mail?
    REHAB Program Resident Name, Bunk Assignment 410 West Vermillion Street Lafayette LA, 70501
  • Where can I get Resident Property?
    Persons needing to pick-up a former REHAB participant’s personal property should contact the REHAB administrative assistant at (337) 231-6365 for detailed instructions and scheduling.
  • Why can I not talk to my family member who is on critical watch or observation without staff approval?
    He/she has been placed on a higher level of watch due to staff concern. We want to make sure they are safe. There are times when a conversation with a family member can be detrimental to this situation and put the inmate at greater risk. Therefore, for the inmates safety, all phone contact must go through the counselor during this period of time.